Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

Center of education and research «Robotics» was established in may 1981 by the order of presidium of Academy of Sciences of USSR and collegium of Ministry of higher education of USSR N19/10. Center was created in Bauman Moscow State Technical University and united efforts of all Moscow city universities and institutes of Academy of Sciences, where the robotics was separately developing. Therefore, apart from the BMSTU, he was including laboratories of Moscow Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA), Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences n. a. A. U. Ishlinskiy(IPMech RAoS) and Institute of Applied Mathematics n. a. M. V. Keldysh (IAM RAoS) in the beginning.

In 1984 the chair of BMSTU «Robotic Systems» (RK-10) has been included in structure of the Center, and the department of retraining of engineers has been organized within.

The founder and of the chair was an outstanding scientist in the field of control systems - member of the Academy Popov E. P., the father of Russian robotics. During the period 1984 - 1990 he has been the first head of the chair. The first graduates were in 1991. Up to the year of 2001 250 engineers have been prepared.

Today the Center has 60 employees.

During the existance of the center the research was carried out on the following topics:
  • Development of command systems of robots and multicomponent robotic systems;
  • Development of distributed databases for different applications;
  • Development of command systems and registration systems for warehouse units;
  • Distribution of command systems for transport units;
  • Development of logical command systems for robotic complexes;
  • Development of software for command systems and real-time simulation;
  • Distribution and installing safety and access control systems;
  • Upgrading machines with CPU
  • And etc.

Clients of the Center of Education and Research:
  • FAPSI (development of command system of automatic shop),
  • NPO «Radiator», Orenbourg (construction of automatic shop),
  • Russian Emergencies Ministry (development of command system for a mobile robot),
  • MSPO «Red proletarian», Moscow (development of automatic quality-control system for indystrial robots),
  • NPO «Granat», Minsk (development of sensor system for industrial robot RM-01),
  • Federal Security Service (development of command system for a special automatic shop),
  • «Micromatika», Hungary, Institute of M. Pupin, former Yugoslavia (development of simulation, command and sensor systems for manipulators),
  • And etc.
There are scientific and educational laboratories in the Center - laboratory of command systems of robots and robotic complexes, laboratory of microprocessor command systems, sensor systems. The demonstration room and the computer center are equipped with up-to-date machines. Scientific results, that were obtained here in the field of construction adaptive robotic systems, systems of artificial vision and sensor systems, as well as expert systems, were good-treated and turned into practice in the industrial systems and systems of extreme robotics.

With the help of the professors of the chair, under editorships of E. P. Popov, special books were published, including «Scientific base of robotics», «Automatic manipulators and robotic systems», «Industrial robots and flexible production systems». Various teaching aids were published.

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